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Xay at Princes' Palace ~ a virtual world photo shoot by Andrew Thompson (Xay Tomsen)

Xay at Princes' Palace, a virtual world photo shoot by Andrew Thompson

Date: 16 August 2014

The still photograph, "Xay at Princes' Palace" was taken on the Tamita Island simulator on the Irukandji Continent simulator on the InWorldz grid. The avatar is me (Xay Tomsen), and the location is the Princes' Palace, which was a landmark on the island.

I do like this photograph a lot because so much of my artistic creations are people-centric, whereas this one is about the building which was astoundingly detailed. I love how this shot shows off the stained glass windows.

I created everything you can see in the photograph; my avatar, body parts, flexi clothing (the cape alone took me a week to make), plus the scripted objects, buildings, landscape and scenery, using Photoshop and the InWorldz Beta V2 Viewer.

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Have a brilliant day,

Andrew Thompson.

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