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Tamita Island ~ a virtual world photo shoot by Andrew Thompson (Xay Tomsen)

Tamita Island, a virtual world photo shoot by Andrew Thompson

Date: 19 January 2014

I have built a continent called Irukandji on several virtual worlds over the past decade, but always at it's centre is the capital, Tamita Island. This version of Tamita Island is perhaps its most developed reincarnation on the InWorldz virtual world is certainly one of the most memorable.

The Princes' Palace is always a central landmark on Tamita Island, regardless of the world. When in-world, I spend most of my time on Tamita - It's my home. I closed the Irukandji estate in InWorldz in late 2014 and began my own grid, The Reef, which I have since left as well, but this version of Tamita Island definitely remains on my hard drive for future use :)

Except for the small parcel in the far top right corner, which is the Irukandji Police Station, I made all of the objects on the island. The sky and sea Windlight settings used for the photo are my custom preset, Irukandji Midday.

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