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Noosa Blue ~ a virtual world photo shoot by Andrew Thompson (Xay Tomsen)

Noosa Blue, a virtual world photo shoot by Andrew Thompson

Date: 8 June 2013

Again, I had so many good photos to sift through from this shoot, but I liked this piece because it's a bit different with Andi lifting her foot as though candidly checking something between shots.

This shoot was for the Noosa One-piece Swimsuits range. The photo shoot took place on the Tamita Bay simulator on the Irukandji Continent on the InWorldz virtual world. The scene is late morning using my custom "Irukandji Midday" Windlight setting.

The avatars are (L to R) Andi O and Jenny Lockjaw. I created everything in the photograph except for Jenni's hair and the flame torch on the far right bank.

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