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Kiwi Islands Sunrise ~ a virtual world photo shoot by Andrew Thompson (Xay Tomsen)

Kiwi Islands Sunrise, a virtual world photo shoot by Andrew Thompson

Date: 25 July 2015

This photograph is a mere small corner of the giant simulator, Kiwi Islands, which I once hosted on The Reef virtual world.

A 1024 x 1024 square metre var-region, terraformed by hand, Kiwi Islands was a very beautiful region which I often used to promote the grid in marketing material.

There are a lot of objects in this photo; my mansion on the left and my car yard on the right, and a great deal beyond.

I created every object and wrote every script in the scene. A few things were morphed by friends such as the pod of pink shops in the distance. The sky and sea Windlight settings used for the photo are my custom preset, Irukandji Dawn.

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Have a brilliant day,

Andrew Thompson.

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