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Hi. Welcome to the IruMoto section of the site.

I began writing scripts in 2007 during my early years in Second Life.

However, given the proliferation of scripters in SL at the time, I found it a better use of my time to pay others to write scripts for me while I instead concentrated on selling land on my continent, Irukandji.

Some years later, I moved to the InWorldz grid, and found the opposite. Very few people were writing the scripts that I had previously taken for granted. Additionally, a lot of the scripts that I brought with me weren't compatible on the new grid, so I had to start writing my own.

I have a particular fascination with vehicles in virtual worlds; cars and boats etc, and not being able to use them in IW due to coding conflicts was particularly frustrating. So, I began chipping away at solving the script shortage.

I set up a workshop beside my fledgling car yard, Tamita Motors.

I gave the workshop a separate name, Irukandji Motor Company, as I one day planned to sell my scripts to other vehicle manufacturers. Over time, that became abbreviated to IruMoto, and just as the name morphed, so too did my range of scripted objects.

InWorldz and Second Life are long behind me now as I begin my new journey on the DigiWorldz grid, and my focus is on creating effective scripts for OpenSimulator based virtual worlds.

Currently, my main stores selling IruMoto products, are:

If you would like to visit my shops, drop into the info centre on Tamita for a list of landmarks.

In the directory below and the pages that link from here, I plan to build a library of scripts, guides, and support pages for my various scripted objects.

I hope you find some useful scripts and information.

Xay Tomsen a.k.a. Andrew Thompson

IruMoto Scripted Products

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