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Valhalla Island .:. an Irukandji simulator by Xay Tomsen

Valhalla Island ~ a virtual world sim in SpotOn3D by Xay Tomsen

As I write these pages for sims on the SpotOn 3D grid, I'm beginning to see a theme, i.e. that I took names of popular beaches from my SL estate - not the island name, but a beach on the island.

Valhalla Island is one such example, having been a sought-after address on Alantay Island years before.

Valhalla Island was one of 12 sims on the Irukandji Continent that I created on the SpotOn3D virtual world, a grid that has long since vaporised into the ether.

I don't hold any particular affection for this sim. I used a .raw file from a sim I had built previously, so there was no great investment of love in its creation.

Valhalla Island was perhaps significant only in the fact that it seemed to revolve around one resident - Taylor Aimes. Unlike me, and all my hangers-on, this was Taylor's first virtual world experience. He had no history in SL and hence no jaded memories. This was all brand new and exciting. On an otherwise dead grid, I found his companionship uplifting, so I ended up spending a lot of time with him.

Three months in, when I decided that SpotOn3D wasn't for me, I bought another sim on Second Life, and Taylor followed. He has lived on every estate that I've built since.

Valhalla Island Photo Gallery

The two photos below - both kindly submitted by Taylor - are all that survive of Valhalla Island. If you would like to explore more of the Irukandji continent, check out the main Islands of Irukandji page.

Andrew Thompson a.k.a. Xay Tomsen

View from Valhalla Beach towards Tamita Bay
View from Valhalla Beach towards Tamita Bay
28 February 2011
Southern view of Valhalla Beach
Southern view of Papeete Island
18 March 2011