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Blue Lagoon .:. an Irukandji simulator by Xay Tomsen

Blue Lagoon ~ a virtual world sim in InWorldz by Xay Tomsen

Blue Lagoon map

Originally named Baie de l'Amore, Blue Lagoon is a sim on the InWorldz grid, located in Tamita State in Central Irukandji.

The name change came about towards the end of my stay in InWorldz. The previous sim had a lot of history attached to it, both on this grid and in its earlier form in Second Life, and I wanted to draw a line beneath that past.

And so, the large central caldera became a tidal shoal and the deep channels became a waist-deep lagoon. I added new simulators to the east to create a new ocean and land mass beyond.

Chillout area at Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon was where the new estate met the old. However, ongoing issues with land and scripting on that particular grid led me to give up on the idea a few months later.

During its brief life however, Blue Lagoon proved popular with visitors and locals as a hangout and meeting place; an alternative to the gay-themed Adonis Lagoon a few sims away.

Two beaches, one nude and one normal, lined its southern shore with Tamita Island, while its western and eastern edges adjoined Nouvelle Kiribas and Old Fort Island respectively.

Below are a few photographs of Blue Lagoon that I took during my travels around the islands.

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Andrew Thompson a.k.a. Xay Tomsen

Blue Lagoon Photo Gallery

Modelling the Cami silks range at Blue Lagoon
Modelling the Cami silks range at Blue Lagoon
6 June 2014
Chillout area at Blue Lagoon
Chillout area at Blue Lagoon
11 August 2014