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Aratura City .:. an Irukandji simulator by Xay Tomsen

Aratura City ~ a virtual world sim in DigiWorldZ by Xay Tomsen

States of Irukandji map

  • Size: 45.8752 hectares
  • Grid: DigiWorldZ
  • Online: 2016 - present
  • Use: Commercial
  • Terrain: hand terraformed

Aratura City is part of the Irukandji Continent, located on the DigiWorldZ virtual world.

Part of the gigantic 235 hectare Aratura varregion (36 standard simulators), Aratura City occupies around 1/8 of its total area.

The simulator came online in May 2016 and assuming that the DigiWorldZ grid continues to meet expectations, will stay online indefinitely.

As its name suggests, Aratura City is the commercial hub and landing point for the region, and is located in its southwest corner. It is bordered to the north by Shark Bay, and to the east, the Great Irukandji Ocean.

Aratura City, Irukandji

The landscape is terraformed by hand. As I write this page, 2 months since starting this project, the Aratura region is probably 1/3 finished.

There is still a lot to do, but the areas that are completed, I'm really quite proud of.

Additionally, many of the problems I've endured in the past are eliminated now by using a varregion, such as vehicles glitching on sim edges, and having to layout my sims in that awful old checkerboard style.

I will add a photo gallery below as the region continues to develop.

Aratura City is open to the public and you can visit by typing 'Aratura' in the in-world map in your viewer.

Irukandji Ministry of Heritage and Culture

I originally started building Irukandji v3 in DigiWorldZ as an "accessory" to the virtual worlds section of this website, i.e. I needed somewhere to showcase the objects and clothing I've made rather than just having photos on the web. I wanted people to be able to come in-world and actually see them. However, at some point while ordering the sim, I realised that I didn't want just a showcase sim. Nor did I want to yet again recreate Old Irukandji, revolving around yet another version of Tamita Island. That said, I wanted to respect Old Irukandji. The idea came to instead build a new 'State' of Irukandji. I had never really finished the Kalamat story in Second Life due to the impact of the GFC. I again tried in InWorldz, and again failed to see the job done. This is where Aratura comes into the picture. Aratura is a newly claimed territory to the far west of Old Irukandji, inspired in part by the real world occupation of islands by China in the South China Sea. You may not be able to visit the old regions of Irukandji (yet), but they and all their history are here in spirit. The culture, the landscapes, the shops, the clubs, and the covenant - everything continues as it was. So, to that end, the modern Aratura super-region, faithfully continues the Irukandji story from previous grids, respecting all past island history. Notionally, if not yet in actuality, Aratura lies west of Kalamat State, the capital of which was New Batavia in Second Life. Kalamat State was represented more vaguely in InWorldz due to its low grid population, as Kalamat Island. Eventually, the east coast of the Aratura region will contain a new version of New Batavia, which will connect directly with a second super-region that contains Old Irukandji.

To continue exploring the Irukandji continent, check out the main Islands of Irukandji page.

Andrew Thompson a.k.a. Xay Tomsen