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Irukandji | Renting Land in Irukandji on the DigiWorldz grid

Renting Land in Irukandji

Hi and thanks for checking out my land offerings in Irukandji on the DigiWorldz virtual world.

Land sales work differently in Irukandji to what you might be familiar with. Past tenants who lived on the estate in Second Life or InWorldz will find things mostly familiar but there are a few new aspects as well.

A covenant applies to all parcels of land on the Irukandji continent, and this page 'Renting Land' forms part of that covenant. Read the Irukandji Covenant before buying to ensure that the estate suits your needs.

Once done, you will find the current list of available properties in-world at the Irukandji Land Office on Tamita.

Finally, if you have any questions, please get in touch either by IM in-world or Google+, or leave a comment in Disqus at the bottom of this page. They all come through to my mobile phone so I can respond quickly.

I look forward to seeing you in-world soon.

Andrew Thompson a.k.a. Xay Tomsen

Paying Rent .:. Renting Land in Irukandji

Irukandji Rental Plan Options
Your avatar name
Your chosen parcel(s)

I only accept PayPal subscriptions for paying rent, which you can set up via the adjacent PayPal box on the right.

There are two reasons I don't accept in-world currency:

  1. Currency is handled by PodEx who charge a 20% cash-out fee,
  2. I'm over chasing people to pay rent boxes, just to have them not bother replying to IMs.

PayPal is easier all round. If you want to leave the estate at some future point, just cancel your PayPal subscription. Nice and simple.

Dedicated Server .:. Renting Land in Irukandji

The Irukandji continent is hosted on a dedicated server just for this estate, not shared hosting like the rest of the grid, or indeed every other grid.

DW refers to Irukandji as a 'grid within a grid' and that describes it pretty well. Irukandji is still fully hooked into the DigiWorldz main grid for teleports, inventory, hypergrid etc, but our regions are independent. This setup equates to a premium level of performance, uniformity, and stability.

Price Point .:. Renting Land in Irukandji

All of this has been a very costly setup. Meanwhile, it has taken me a year of building, coding, and hand-terraforming 2500 acres of land to get to the point where I am able to invite tenants to live in Irukandji.

It follows that you will not find "cheap land" here. I'm not a land baron trying to sell rinky-dink prefab parcels.

Irukandji is dearer. It is dearer because it's better, faster, ultra reliable, and has some amazing tech for residents to enjoy. Also, your subscription buys you membership to the exclusive Irukandji group, the abilities of which you will discover are equally as significant as owning land.

I am not trying to compete with cheap estates, or even with DigiWorldz full region pricing, where unless you bring your own community with you, you'll be sitting around twiddling your thumbs, surrounded by freebies that were free for a reason.

Instead I'm providing a quality laid out continent, a year in the making, with tons of custom landscapes, scripts, builds, animations, and venues to make your virtual life more engaging.

All that aside for a moment, it's an exciting time to come to DW. It's a new grid with great support, and I expect that the Irukandji community will grow substantially throughout 2017-18.

Sliding Scale .:. Renting Land in Irukandji

Monthly rental plans operate on a sliding scale, i.e. the more property you own, the cheaper the per-metre rate. So basically, you subscribe to the rental plan you want, i.e. how much you want to spend each month, and then you choose your parcel(s) of land.

Multiple Properties .:. Renting Land in Irukandji

A great feature with this setup is that you can spread your plan over multiple parcels. Every region of Irukandji has a different landscape and vibe, and this feature allows you to have more than one home.

For example, you might choose the 16384 plan. You could then decide to just have one large secluded beachfront parcel of 16384 sqm on Aboyo, and that's fine. But alternatively, you could spread your landholdings and take a smaller Aboyo parcel of 8192 sqm instead, plus a 4096 sqm parcel near the clubs on Tamita, and another 4096 for your favourite alt in the wild hills of Kalamat. The plans are flexible to suit your personality (or mulitple personalities :))

NOTE: The parcel sizes are much the same as those on offer on other estates and grids. Worth noting however, is that not all parcels are perfect rectangles. This is because some parcels hug the contour of a particular landscape feature such as a hill or road or river, but this generally works in your favour with extended frontages, access to waterways etc.

Exclusive Group Memberships .:. Renting Land in Irukandji

Irukandji is an open estate. Everyone can come by, visit, and explore as they please. However, some features such as engaging directly with bots at interactive venues, and indeed the ability to rez on public land, only work for residents.

Each rental plan includes memberships to the closed Irukandji group which enables these extra privileges.

The more land you own, the more group memberships you are entitled to. This allows residents who choose a smaller plan to give a membership to a partner or alt, while allowing residents on larger plans to rent out parcels and give membership to their tenants.

Details of Monthly Rental Rates:

Super Loyalty Bonus .:. Renting Land in Irukandji

I have made around 13,000 products which are sold in-world through my various stores.

As a special thank you to large landholders for their continued support, after six months of continued subscription to either of the two top-level rates, I will give you access to all of those products for free*.

That includes every product at:

*Access will continue permanently while your subscription remains active. Access applies only for the avatar named on your PayPal subscription. Subscriptions are not transferrable to other avatars or alts. All items are copy/no trans.

Estate Layout .:. Renting Land in Irukandji

Irukandji is an enormous continent, comprised of seven 4x4 var-regions. Each var-region is the size of 16 standard regions in SL or IW. This gives Irukandji a total landmass of 112 standard regions. Approximately 85% of that area is public land and seas for residents to explore and enjoy.

In-world I refer to each of these var-regions as 'states', e.g. Tamita or Palu are both states. This is part of the RP aspect of Irukandji and represent the territories of the various Irukandji tribes.

All states have their own seas, roads, shopping districts etc, and are not directly connected to each other by ocean. This is in order to preserve sunset views etc, and to eliminate border crossing issues of avatars and vehicles. Scrolling out on the world map, you can still see the neighbouring regions for easy teleporting.

Tamita is the central state, and the capital of Irukandji. Surrounding Tamita are the states of Aboyo (SE), Pinjarra (S), Palu (SW), Kalamat (Far SW), Aquitaine (NW), and Weta (NE).

All parcels have the same prim-to-metre ratio. Because I don't have shonky regions on old servers to flog off cheap, there are no 'homestead' or 'light use' properties.

NOTE: Way way off in the distance, there is also a 6x6 var region called Aratura, which I am in the process of squeezing into Kalamat and Palu. Aratura has been my home since coming to DW in early 2016, but I've found that 6x6 regions are too big for many graphics cards to render properly, which is why I opted for 4x4's instead. Aratura is there to enjoy for the moment but it will go offline during April 2017.

Scripted Tech .:. Renting Land in Irukandji

I've written some very funky code for the estate. You won't find it anywhere else, on this grid or any other. This tech filters out to every corner of Irukandji. Key highlights are:

  1. Time Generators
  2. Interactive Venues

Time Generators

Time Generators (timeGen) provide 492 separate time zones every real-world day. As an Irukandji resident, you can plug straight into the timeGen system for free, automating many processes with greater accuracy than you've ever imagined, and eliminating laggy timer based scripts from your life.

To obtain the script snippet and instructions to connect with the timeGen, visit the Irukandji Public Works Depot on your region.

Interactive Venues

Until you make a circle of friends on a new grid, virtual worlds can be dead dull places, even the big grids. You can cruise around for hours trying to find companionship.

To overcome that, I've created several interactive venues. Clubs, gyms, beaches, cafes etc. These facilities are populated by bots that come online when visitors arrive at that venue. Every bot has a unique four-hour program which it will then go about performing, depending on the time of day.

Anyone, resident or otherwise, can visit these venues and watch them go about their day. However, some bots have additional programs that allow visitors to engage with them directly, just as you would if you met a normal avatar.

These are interactive bots, and only Irukandji residents can use them. Whatever you're imagining right now, interactive bots can do.

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