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Irukandji | Covenant for Irukandji Land Owners

Irukandji Covenant

Hi and welcome.

This covenant applies to residents of all regions within the Irukandji Continent, also known as 'The Kingdom of Irukandji', hosted on the DigiWorldz virtual world.

The Irukandji Covenant is long. It requires a lot of preamble to explain the place, so here are the quick bullet-points so you can decide at a glance if Irukandji suits your needs. I'll expand on each point further down the page.

If you have no issues with the above, read on and I'll expand on each point in detail.

Otherwise, safe journey. I hope you find what you're looking for.

Andrew Thompson a.k.a. Xay Tomsen

Land .:. Irukandji Covenant

Irukandji is not the usual type of estate which you may be familiar with from other grids or land agents. You will also find it considerably more expensive than other offerings on the DigiWorldz grid.

To save replication here, please read the page Renting Land which forms part of the Irukandji Covenant. The page explains pricing, subscriptions, multiple parcels, group memberships, estate layout, loyalty rewards, and so on.

If you like the sound of the place, you'll find a subscribe box there. I will then receive notification from PayPal and will send you an invitation to the exclusive Irukandji group. Then, simply find the parcel(s) you want, right click on the ground and choose 'Buy Land'.

Land Groups

You are free to set whichever group you like to your parcel of land, however I strongly recommend using the Irukandji group, especially if you intend to sail a boat or drive a car.

Public Land

There are approx 9 million square metres of public land and seas in Irukandji. These areas are usually named 'Irukandji National Park' or similar. Land Owners are free to use these spaces for recreation. You will need Irukandji group active to rez boats etc on public land.

If you wish to hold an organised event on public parkland or in a public building, e.g. a wedding or business function, please IM me as the space may already be booked by someone else, or I may have an alternative place you can use.

Building Design

Maximum roof height is 20 metres regardless of whether residential or light commercial. If higher is needed and justifiable, it may be allowed. Contact me if you think this is the case.

Keep a minimum of 2 metres between your house and all property boundaries including sim edge. Re design, no one wants to live next to a giant mushroom house or a gothic palace spewing blood into their tropical gardens.

Houses should be quality made in European Colonial, Mediterranean, US coastal, or Asian-Pacific styles. A pet hate of mine is dodgy mesh houses that start to go 'blobby' from a hundred metres away, ruining the view. If you must use mesh, please make sure it's high quality.

Another pet hate is dumb fantasy stuff that looks out of place, e.g. living in a big mushroom or shoe. If you really want to live in a giant mushroom, please erect it in a skybox above 1000 metres where no one else has to look at it.


If you want to run a business, talk to me. It depends on a couple of things - the type of business, where you want to put it, and how much lag it will induce. Common rules that will apply in residential areas are:


Sorry, I don't allow residents to terraform. If you need something done, say a hole for a swimming pool, IM me.

Also worth nothing since I've had it happen before, please don't buy a hillside parcel then expect me to flatten it so you can build a house. These types of parcels are obviously designed to accommodate a hillside house. I'm not going to wreck the landscape because you want it to be something it isn't meant to be.

Credentials .:. Irukandji Covenant

The Kingdom of Irukandji has been operating for ten years, starting in Second Life, then InWorldz, and now here in DigiWorldz. Ever conscious of the problems on previous grids that led to me moving on, I have been in DW since April 2016, working in relative secrecy to ensure that the tech and culture in DW suits my needs. I'm pleased with the experience so far, and optimistic that Irukandji has found a new home, hopefully for many years to come.

As to its real-world setup, Irukandji is a privately owned estate, represented in-world by my avatar, Xay Tomsen (pronounced Zay). My real name is Andrew Thompson and I live in Rockhampton, Australia.

To keep the tax office happy, PayPal subs go through my company account, Body Sync Group Pty Ltd. My website is http://ajthompson.com.au or http://xaytomsen.com if I get around to resurrecting the latter one day.

DigiWorldz Grid

DigiWorldz is very stable and largely issue-free. However things such as server upgrades and power outages may affect services occasionally and these are beyond our control. As a general guide, there seems to be a scheduled 2 hour maintenance about every 100 days.

By joining the Irukandji community, you accept that the estate cannot be held responsible for interruption to services should such interruptions occur.

Is DW a busy grid? No, not really, but it is only 2 years old. I see one or two people hit the welcome centre every day. About half as busy as InWorldz, but I compensate for that with plenty of interactive bots. This is definitely the right grid for this type of world though. It has good tech, everything runs consistently, and my scripts love it.

The Irukandji Concept .:. Irukandji Covenant

The concept behind the estate is very simple really. That is, I'm not here to be a land baron carving up lots of dull parcels to fill with dull people in dull houses. Don't get me wrong - I love having tenants, but I'm here to create.

I'm in-world 8 to 12 hours a day and I'm happy to chat if you manage to track down which island I'm working on. I love scripting and building and story telling and I never get tired of working on Irukandji, my personal vision of utopia.

My goal is to provide a memorable experience, filled with high-end custom tech you won't find elsewhere, with thousands of hours of artistry and care reflected everywhere you look.

The regions that make up Irukandji are works of scripted art. As a resident of Irukandji, you'll have the entire kingdom to explore, enjoy, and immerse yourself in. By living here, you become part of a living novel with a rich and colourful back-story.


Irukandji is a mythical modern-day post-colonial kingdom of islands located somewhere in the South Pacific. Governed by a council of tribal princes (interactive bots), Irukandji is a wealthy country due to its immense underwater gold reserves. It also has a strong military presence, so that outsiders leave us alone. :)

There are no ugly high-rises here. The overall look is very tropical ... but a bit colonial too ... and extremely tribal ... with the occasional steam-punk device thrown in for good measure. :)


Irukandji is a decade old now - It has a massive history, and I'm still writing its story and populating the islands with its characters - Characters that you might bump into and interact with in the form of NPCs.

Depending on your nature and what you're hoping to find in virtual worlds, you can use the place as a tourist might - for light escapism, or you can really immerse yourself in a roleplay kind of way, discovering its history and culture as a new migrant might, and become part of the tale yourself.

If RP isn't your thing, that's fine too. The majority of people who have called Irukandji home in the past, simply want to live somewhere nice and meet a few like-natured people along the way.

Culture & Behaviour.:. Irukandji Covenant

Irukandji has a strong gay theme but is open to anyone. On past grids, the population seems to settle at about 70% gay/bi, 30% straight. Respect is key here. Our motto is 'Freedom, Peace, Integrity'. All Irukandji regions are Adult rated. Additionally, there are several themed interactive venues throughout the islands, populated by 'companion bots' for local residents to engage with if they wish.

Abuse by Tenants

If you are a failure at real life and only use virtual worlds to treat others badly, sorry, I'm not prepared to be your bitch. I love seeing happy residents enjoying my estate and adding their brush-strokes to mine, but equally, I can afford the place without having nut-jobs for tenants.

Estate Bans

Serious breaches of the covenant, or abusing, threatening, or malicious behaviour towards estate staff, Land Owners, guests, or visitors, will result in an estate ban. It's simple. Be nice to each other and everyone will be happy.

Maturity Rating .:. Irukandji Covenant

Irukandji is Adult rated. Clothing is optional on all public land. Nudity is commonplace and fine. Having sex in your front yard is fine. Walking up to strangers with a boner or sexually harassing people is not acceptable. That said, if you're zooming on strangers and their actions offend you, then you're the weirdo, not them.

Child Avatars

This is an 18+ estate and as such, I do not want issues with age play etc, therefore child avatars are NOT welcome. The estate regards a child avatar as any that pretends to be a child.

Views .:. Irukandji Covenant

For various reasons, the view beyond your block of land may change to some extent at some time. I will do my best to try to minimise view impacts but I cannot guarantee that the view will stay exactly the same forever.

It is reasonable to assume however that your enjoyment not be diminished by the sudden appearance of commercial signage, or neighbours with unrealistic houses, intense lighting, offshore prim islands, strobes, excessive full-bright textures, ambient sounds, eyesores etc.

Residents will be required to remove any structures or objects that I deem an eyesore or inappropriate. Definitely not allowed are those awful security screens/prim walls that scar the SL mainland.

Offshore Islands

I'm aware that offshore islands and landscapes can look pretty sometimes, but they also affect too many people's views. They might also extend onto a grid area where a future region is planned. Aside from that, no parcel in Irukandji is absolute sim edge, so you really don't have any right to do so. For all the above reasons, offshore islands are not permitted.


Unless the parcel expressly allows lighthouses, they are not permitted. They receive too many complaints from other residents.


A custom windlight theme is installed on all regions that better approximates the tropical look of clear coral seas, bright blue skies, and orange & purple twilights of the South Pacific.

Skyboxes & Skyscapes

Skyboxes etc must be above 1000 metres. If you decide to live entirely in a skybox or similar, do not leave the ground level bare. At least plant some trees so it doesn't look barren.

Night Clubs

Night clubs are only allowed in designated commercial areas. This is because, while some residents might wish to have a night club nearby, no one actually wants to live next door to one.

I've tried to allow a compromise many times but it always ended badly, and the pattern was always the same. I lose a club owner AND an annoyed resident, so I'm not allowing them anymore. Sure, have a party or hold an event, but no dedicated clubs with flashing lights and signs.

If you just want to be a DJ for the fun or if, you are welcome to use Lava, Feathers or Goldmine. Talk to me and we'll set it up.

Lag Inducing and/or Annoying Scripts

Lots of things can cause lag but usually it comes down to two things - badly written scripts, and scripted objects left running when they don't need to be.

NPCs (bots)

I love NPCs. They provide movement and colour. That said, we don't need them online when no one is around, chewing up resources unnecessarily.

All NPCs must use a sensor script, with 20 second minimum repeat, so they come online when an avatar arrives, and go offline when there are no avatars around. You can see a good example of this in action at 'Gay by the Bay Cafe'. If you stand inside the lagoon ringed by stones, the bots will come online. Step outside, they go offline.

Even better, when you teleport there, you will land on a landing stone just outside the ring, which issues you a greeting/adult content warning before you proceed inside. You can then elect to trigger the bots or teleport away. Pretty cool stuff.

If you need help setting up the above, let me know.


Are breedables even a thing any more? I don't know, but anyway, same deal as with bots.

Automatic Givers

Parcels, whether commercial or residential, cannot issue automatic notecards or landmarks that spam passersby. All givers must work on touch or collision scripts, not sensors. In shops, welcome mats are acceptable if located at a set landing point inside the shop.

Other Dumb Stuff

No griefing, hippie pay, IM spam raids, survey takers, autobots, or copybots. If you have ambient music or chimes etc on your property, tick the "Restrict Spatialized Sound" box in About Land so it doesn't annoy your neighbours.

Security .:. Irukandji Covenant

Ban Lines & Restricted Access

Nothing makes a resident look more pathetic than setting up ban lines. Not surprisingly, nothing drives other residents more crazy than crashing into them.

Ban Lines are the number one complaint I get from residents about their neighbours.

In About Land, DO NOT touch the Access tab, and DO NOT untick the Object Entry box in Options.

If you have a problem with a specific resident, only then can you add their name to the banned residents list in the Access tab. Changing any other setting on that tab will create a ban line against everyone, forcing me to reclaim your parcel to fix it.

Security Orbs

Security orbs are a close number two when it comes to complaints.

Security orbs must not go beyond the walls and roof of your house. They must not spam warnings to people passing by or overhead.

Final Words

As you can see by all the above, Irukandji is well planned and managed, and is without doubt the friendliest place in DigiWorldz. I will try to help you wherever I can. I also encourage the fostering of stronger relationships with other quality estates in the hope of creating a better virtual community.

If you have any problems, queries, nuclear events, please IM me in-world.

Have a great day,

Xay Tomsen

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