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I'm steadily moving all this virtual world stuff to my new gaming site and YouTube channel - Check 'em' out!

Note: if you are trying to visit the current Irukandji world, the landing sim is called Arius on the DigiWorldz grid. You will need a decent PC or Mac plus a virtual world viewer which you can download for free at Firestorm, Alchemy or Singularity, then setup your avatar at DigiWorldZ.

Virtual reality is the 'next big thing' that everyone talks about nowadays - that magnificent, three-dimensional, interactive art, where the user takes on the body of an avatar and explores a hidden world via a high-end computer or special goggles.

It isn't new to me though. As my avatar, Xay Tomsen, I've been messing about with virtual worlds for a decade now, and on an enormous scale, which is pretty odd for an Australian.

For reasons unknown, this part of the world missed out on the early excitement that transpired elsewhere around the globe. Instead, we settled for Facebook :(

Xay Tomsen virtual world

Regardless though, virtual reality is here now, and unlike traditional social media, it won't be a passing fad. As graphics and programs continue to evolve, they will inevitably plug into the huge amount of holo-tech R&D currently underway by Microsoft et al.

That day isn't too far off. Very soon, virtual reality will be commonplace in our daily lives.

But, back to the present.

Since 2006, I've created around 200 islands (simulators), and am probably best known as the creator of the Irukandji continent, which at the height of its popularity, was the largest virtual land-mass in the southern hemisphere. I've compiled a collection of all the simulators which you can check out in the Islands of Irukandji section of the site.

I've also created tons of artistic content for use in virtual worlds, also called 3D content. My collection include avatars and avatar accessories such as clothing, skin, hair etc. I also make cars, boats, hovercraft, plants and trees, complete islands, fish, birds, animals, buildings, and so on. As my secondary avatar, Johnny IruMoto, I've also coded hundreds of scripts to make those objects function.

My content is suitable for use on Open Sim virtual worlds, InWorldz, and Second Life.

My range consists of around 13,000 items, which are designed to be used by avatars in their virtual world environments. You can see my creations on the DigiWorldz virtual world, on my new sim, Arius. Just download the free viewer from the DigiWorldz website to log in. Alternatively, you can view my creations in 2D format via photographs of each item here on the website (though it's not the same experience).

My collection is far too big to do it justice on this page, so I've included links to the different sections below so you can explore at your leisure. I really do recommend going in-world though and checking out the fully interactive 3D experience.

Have fun exploring this addictive medium.

Andrew Thompson a.k.a. Xay Tomsen