A J Thompson | Andrew Thompson, Rockhampton Australia

Plants & Trees | 3D Content for Virtual Worlds

I make a lot of artistic content for use in virtual worlds. A large part of that 3D content is landscaping products including plants and trees.

My range of plants and trees are suitable for use on all Open Sim virtual worlds and Second Life.

You can view or purchase my range of plants and trees on Kitely Market or at Irukandji Landscapes in Arius on the DigiWorldz grid.

BTW This content hasn't been shifted to my new gaming site yet (to-do list) but feel free to check it out, along with my YouTube channel.

Have a brilliant day,

Andrew Thompson a.k.a. Xay Tomsen.

Plants and Trees .:. 3D Landscaping Content for virtual worlds

Acacia Tree for Open Sim
Acacia Tree
Autumn Mulberry Tree for Open Sim
Autumn Mulberry Tree
Banana Plant for Open Sim
Banana Plant
Bauhinia Tree for Open Sim
Bauhinia Tree
Blue Jazz Agave for Open Sim
Blue Jazz Agave
Bougainvillea Bush for Open Sim
Bougainvillea Bush
Bowen Mango Tree for Open Sim
Bowen Mango Tree
Coconut Palm J Bend for Open Sim
Coconut Palm J Bend
Coconut Palm Large yellow for Open Sim
Coconut Palm Large (green)
Coconut Palm Large lime green for Open Sim
Coconut Palm Large (lime green)
Coconut Palm S Bend for Open Sim
Coconut Palm S Bend
Coral Sea Pandanus Tree for Open Sim
Coral Sea Pandanus Tree
Dwarf Palm for Open Sim
Dwarf Palm
Golden Agave for Open Sim
Golden Agave
Green Brigalow Tree for Open Sim
Green Brigalow Tree
Jacaranda Sapling for Open Sim
Jacaranda Sapling
Kakadu Tree Fern for Open Sim
Kakadu Tree Fern
Lady Palm for Open Sim
Lady Palm
Lantana Bush for Open Sim
Lantana Bush
Nardoo Ferns for Open Sim
Nardoo Ferns
Pink Tibouchina Tree for Open Sim
Pink Tibouchina Tree
Pink Tiger Lily for Open Sim
Pink Tiger Lily
Poinciana Tree for Open Sim
Poinciana Tree
Polynesian Pot with Kakadu Tree Fern for Open Sim
Polynesian Pot w Kakadu Tree Fern
Polynesian Pot with Palm Cluster for Open Sim
Polynesian Pot w Palm Cluster
Queensland Mangrove for Open Sim
Queensland Mangrove
Queen Victoria Agave for Open Sim
Queen Victoria Agave
Sago Palm for virtual worlds
Sago Palm
Succulent for vritual worlds
Sun Vase with Lady Palm for Open Sim
Sun Vase w Lady Palm
Tasmanian Lavender for Open Sim
Tasmanian Lavender
Xanthorrhoea Grass Tree for virtual worlds
Xanthorrhoea Grass Tree

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