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I'm steadily moving all this virtual world stuff to my new gaming site and YouTube channel - Check 'em' out!

My range of houses and buildings are suitable for use on all Open Sim virtual worlds, InWorldz, and Second Life.

All my buildings are primitive-based, not mesh, as I don't like the way that mesh degrades when viewed from a relatively short distance. All scripts within the buildings were rewritten in 2016 to make them fully compliant with Open Sim v0.8.2. This includes doors, window tinting, lights, rez boxes, and security systems.

You can view my range via the catalogue below (listed alphabetically), or to walk through the buildings in person, visit XTC Homes in-world on my sim, Arius.

I hope you enjoy the collection.

Have a brilliant day,

Andrew Thompson a.k.a. Xay Tomsen.

Houses, homes & other structures .:. Buildings for Open Simulator virtual worlds

Arafura Store for Open Sim
Arafura Store (5 variations)
Avion Citadel v14.3 for Open Sim
Avion Citadel (5 variations)
Avion Lighthouse v16.4 for Open Sim
Avion Lighthouse (5 variations)
Byfield Bungalow v16.4 for Open Sim
Byfield Bungalow (5 variations)
Cape Cod House v16.2 for Open Sim
Cape Cod House (5 variations)
Gladstone House v16.1
Gladstone House (5 variations)
Halifax House v16.1
Halifax House (5 variations)
Hayman Store v14.4
Hayman Store (5 variations)
Honiara House v16.2
Honiara House (5 variations)
Kingston Villa v16.2
Kingston Villa (5 variations)
Lakeside Beach House v16.2
Lakeside Bungalow (3 variations)
Mackay Beach House v16.5
Mackay Mansion (6 variations)
Manatu Beach House v16.2
Manatu Beach House (3 variations)
Montauk Cabin v16.1
Montauk Cabin (5 variations)
Newport Mansion v16.3
Newport Mansion (5 variations)
North Shore House v16.3
North Shore House (3 variations)
Noumea House v16.3
Noumea House (5 variations)
Toraboyo Manor v16.6
Toraboyo Manor (5 variations)
Torquay Bungalow v16.1
Torquay Bungalow (5 variations)
Tuvalu House v16.5
Tuvalu House (5 variations)
Villa Ferraris v1.1
Villa Ferraris (2 variations)

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