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Setting up a Successful Business in Virtual Worlds

XAY TOMSEN | First published 1 January 2015 - Rewritten 14 July 2016

Hi everyone,

Bianci Store

This free tutorial is about setting up a business in virtual worlds, i.e. having a shop that people can visit and look around. I'm not going to touch on web-based marketplaces - I'll leave that for another day.

To keep things light and easy, I've broken up the tutorial into six 2-3 minute reads so you can pause or go back should you wish to.

My avatar name is Xay Tomsen. I've been involved with virtual worlds for a decade or so. In the real world, I own two diverse businesses; a tech company and a beauty clinic.

My background is in management, sales, and marketing. As a business owner, I also handle demography research, shop setups, leasing & legal, colour schemes, logo designs, trademarks, sign writing, networking, building websites, SEO, and so on.

I tell you this because everything that applies to businesses in the real world, also applies to businesses in virtual worlds. There is no difference.

Now, at this point you might be thinking, "Hell, I don't need to know all this crap - I'm a great creator - I'll just rent a shop and my stuff will sell itself."

Wrong. You might be a great creator but you're just one of thousands.

Chances are that I, as a potential buyer of your products, don't even know you exist, let alone how to find your shop in one of the gazillion mind-numbing lag-filled shopping malls scattered about the metaverse.

So, tip #1: Move past your ego. You've invested hundreds, maybe even thousands of hours into creating your products. Now invest a mere 15 minutes into learning how to make people want to buy them.

As for the rest of the setup stuff, forget it. Forget about location, forget about rental costs, forget about the build and paint and trim - It's way too early for that.

In the pages that follow, you will learn the big things that MOST virtual businesses get wrong, before they've even begun, and the tiny things that will help you stand out from your competitors.

Righto, let's begin. Make a coffee, put your feet up, and I promise that you will come through the experience with a ton of wisdom you didn't have before.

Xay Tomsen a.k.a. Andrew Thompson

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