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Hi. Welcome to my Virtual Worlds blog. In the list further down the page, you will find articles, videos, and random blog posts on many topics related to virtual worlds, particularly OpenSimulator based worlds. The topics will continue to grow over the months and years ahead

Xay Tomsen at Aratura City 2016

Re my background and experience, I've been in virtual worlds since late 2006, starting out in Second Life. I created the Irukandji Continent there which had about 70 simulators at its peak.

When Linden Labs went crazy with pricing etc in 2008-2009, and then the GFC hit, I gave up and ran away from virtual worlds for about a year.

2011, I tried out the SpotOn3D grid. That lasted 3 months. Then had a go at making my own grid through SimHost - another disaster. Went back to Second Life for about six months until I remembered why I left it in the first place.

Then in early 2013, I migrated to InWorldz, where I created Irukandji V2. It consisted of about 30 sims at one point, which I was happy with given the grid's low population.

InWorldz provided my first real immersion in OpenSim based worlds, even if it was a forked version of OS. IW suited me well for about 18 months but the scripting issues were constantly annoying. It put me off forked grids forever. I swore to just stick with pure OpenSimulator ever since.

So, then in late 2014 came my BIG learning experience - Setting up my own grid, The Reef virtual world. Well, partially my own grid. Dreamland Metaverse handled the hosting. It went ... OK. I put all my heart and soul into it, but in the end, the language barrier with the provider was a big factor in shutting it down a year later.

The other big factor was death. Yes, death. In virtual worlds, one gets used to people you've known for a while suddenly popping their clogs, but wow, three friends who followed me to the new grid died that year. It was all too stressful. I took the cosmic hint and shut the grid.

So, at this moment in time, I'm based on DigiWorldZ. It's not a busy grid yet and various module configs fall short of what I had on The Reef, but the grid is stable and does what I need it to do.

Anyway, enough about me. The list below will grow as I migrate all my articles from my various other websites. I hope you find some worthwhile information in them.

I post new articles to Google+, so that's the best way to follow me if you feel so inclined.

Xay Tomsen a.k.a. Andrew Thompson

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