A J Thompson | Andrew Thompson, Rockhampton Australia

Midnight Silhouettes, a romantic poem by Andrew Thompson

©1998 Andrew Thompson

I watch the midnight silhouettes,
Of stars up in the skies,
I close my eyes, and think of you,
Those dancing chocolate eyes.

Sanctuary, a painting by Andrew ThompsonYour scent as fresh as forest pine,
Fills my senses in the night,
I close my eyes, you sing for me,
Sweet songs by candlelight.

Your gentle touch, my tingling skin,
To be lost in your embrace,
I close my eyes, you come to me,
Soft fingers brush my face.

Your laughter, warm and playful,
A sweet song to my ears,
I close my eyes, you take my hand,
And sweep away my fears.

A gentle breeze of scented breath,
Then lips as soft as air,
I close my eyes, and taste your kiss,
And wish that I were there.

You speak to me, A tender voice,
That spans our worlds apart,
I close my eyes and look for thee,
'Midst shadows in the dark.

I lay down to sleep, and all these things,
Just yesterday it seems.
I close my eyes, your lips touch mine,
The sad prince of my dreams.

My eternal love for you so pure,
Today marks twenty years,
I close my eyes, and remember you,
And drown amidst my tears.

You know the songs my heart has sung,
Since you were swept away,
I still sing for you in dark of night,
And every waking day.

I feel your love in every dawn,
And every drop of rain,
I close my eyes, then hang my head,
Then weep for death again.

My love will not diminish babe,
And time is merely sand,
My heart remains in your caress,
Until thee take my hand.

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