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NOTE: If you are looking for my 'Tales of Irukandji' or history of my various islands, that section is way too big to include here (and probably confusing to most people hitting this page). You can find all that stuff over in the Irukandji section of the site.

I write short stories in a few different styles. The most common by far are excerpts, which are stand-alone scenes pulled from my various novels. Sometimes a scene really stands out, and with a little tweaking, can become an intense and thought-provoking read without the reader needing to know the greater story.

Another style I enjoy writing, is narratives. These pieces are usually written first-person, and the writing style has less attention to grammatical perfection. Some are laced with humour while others are quite dark and disturbing.

Finally, I also write poems and prose, which need no explanation.

I've listed some of my personal favourites below which you are free to explore. Some have artworks associated with them which you will see as you read the various tales.

Shadows Have No Names (2005) is an excerpt from the novel "Creatures of the Faith".
"Her hair was as dark as the night outside, and her bare skin the peach of a late-noon sunset."

Abstract Normalcy (2006) is an excerpt from "Symbiosis". 2006 was a good year for making short stories from novels, and this one in particular receives a lot of feedback.
"Across the bay, the lights of Great Keppel Island glowed and he wished he was there. Anywhere but here."

Lamentations of an Ailing Immortal (2010) is the prologue to "Creatures of the Faith".
"I hugged him as tightly as I could then told him to promise that he'd live for a thousand years. He said that he couldn't, that he wasn't an Immortal like me."

Midnight Silhouettes (1998) is my favourite poem. It was recorded by a German singer in 2000 and later translated to Swedish for a stage production. All that aside though, I love this poem for its pure unashamed outpouring of love.
"I watch the midnight silhouettes, Of stars up in the skies, I close my eyes and think of you, Those dancing chocolate eyes."

Krustallos (2006) is a fable and serves as the prologue to "Princes of Khataria".
"Her rage was absolute and she summoned the darkest forces to follow her up from the planet's core, volcanoes, molten streams of lava that destroyed her foes and blanketed the landscape with ash."

A Fruitless Adoration (2012) is an excerpt from "Creatures of the Faith". I like this tale which is one of the opening scenes in the first Khataria novel. It tells so much with few words about the characters who are central to the epic series.
"In a different world, if he were not the future King, he would tell Danos how he felt, but in this world he could not."

The Day We Went Away (2000-2005)
"I hear someone crying, maybe it's me, I'll never know."

A Lion Roars (2013) is an excerpt from the novel "Kingdom of Ice". I have done many excerpts from my novels but this remains a personal favourite.
"Tamaq leaned against a pillar, his grief all-consuming. He needed to wail, to scream, but only a strangled whimper escaped."

Mist (1999) is a short emo-gothic piece which I still enjoy.
"The mist isn't real, my love. Just take my hand and it will go away forever."

The Man With No Name (2013) is an excerpt from "Lords of the Kreyml".
"The dark eyes showed pride and passion, anything but shame. He seemed aware of his place in the world and if a King could not tame him, who could?"

Bungundarra (2005) forms the prologue to my novel "Symbiosis".
"Love is not a pallid smudge of pastels, but a vibrant explosion of colour that sucks the air from your lungs, and leaves your heart reeling in glorious wonderment and pain. Cling to it, embrace it, never let it go."

Katalia's Calling (2006) is an excerpt from the novel "Lords of the Kreyml".
"He had only to ask and she would give herself to him, in every way, for evermore."

Dance of the Damned (1998) is a nicely depressing piece of prose. I still like it and I love the imagery and metaphors.
"And all I feel is indifference towards this indifferent world, that neither wishes me drowned nor saved."

Toy Soldiers (2011) is an excerpt from Lords of the Kreyml.
"Terrified, the blonde girl lunged. Her blade struck flesh. The older girl limped away, clutching her bloodied ribs. She fell to the floor and the blonde girl stood over her."

The Second Son of Arasti (2005) is an excerpt from the novel "Princes of Khataria".
"With the greatest effort he re-met the brown eyes of his sole surviving son, whose birth he could still recall with such clarity."

Tilted Akubra (2005) is an excerpt from "Symbiosis".
"He sought out the Southern Cross, his father's constellation, but the stars were their usual silent selves."

The Gabba Under Lights (1997) is from the unfinished series "The Lost City"

Daniel's Tears (1999) is a mildly emo tale, largely typical of my output of the late 90s.
"Daniel is too beautiful for one such as me, for I have seen too much and he has not."

Top End Ramblings (2000) is my tale of an extraordinary night in Darwin.
"The Dutch guy laughs at the goings-on as if he knows some private joke. I wonder briefly if I've entered the twilight zone."