A J Thompson | Andrew Thompson, Rockhampton Australia

Karelia ~ an original painting by A J Thompson, Rockhampton AU

Karelia, a manga painting by Andrew Thompson

Date: 2009
Style: Acrylics
Size: 120cm x 90cm
Series: Kingdom

"Karelia" is one of the three central characters in the Kingdom series of novels. Crown Prince Karelia is the unassuming and utterly charming heir to the throne of the Khatarian Empire. In this painting, he is a boy of about 12 on the brink of manhood.

The young heir’s life becomes chaotic at an early age with the realisation of the mantles of responsibility that lay ahead, and most painfully, pursuing an impossible romance with his equally besotted friend, Danos. And so it goes …

If it's true that I fell in love with the mythical Danos myself, then it's also true that I have written about and portrayed Karelia as the heroic and honourable character I would be if only I had the courage. I chose to paint Karelia at this young age to act as a time capsule to preserve his innocence.

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