A J Thompson | Andrew Thompson, Rockhampton Australia

Grrr Johnny ~ an original painting by A J Thompson, Rockhampton AU

Grrr Johnny, an original painting by Andrew Thompson

Date: 2010
Style: Acrylics on canvas
Size: 75cm x 60cm
Series: Reef promotional art

"Grrr Johnny" is a 75cm x 60cm canvas and very cool. :) I painted it as something different to promote men’s waxing for my chain of beauty salons. The guy at front thinks, "Grrr! Johnny always gets the girl!" The girl is thinking, "Mm, silky smooth skin and a smile made for kissin'." Johnny simply thinks, "Thanks Reef!" It hangs on the wall at Reef Rockhampton. It gives the clients a giggle, and it gave me a great excuse to dabble with Bishonen Manga again.

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