A J Thompson | Andrew Thompson, Rockhampton Australia

Axell ~ an acrylic manga painting by A J Thompson, Rockhampton AU

Axell, a manga painting by Andrew Thompson

Date: 2004
Style: Acrylics and enamel
Size: 65cm x 70cm
Series: NA
Setting: Fantasy

"Axell" is a remake of a watercolour painting, "Axel" from 2001, however, "Axell" is significant in its own right. I painted this piece to challenge myself, to prove that I could achieve the same perfect colour bed of Paintshop Pro using layered acrylic.

This was a risky piece to paint, as once I achieved the desire result, I decided to take it one step further. The very final stage was to overlay the finished painting with a fine scattered spray of chrome enamel spraypaint to create the sea of stars.

Somehow I achieved this without getting a single spot on the acrylic. I’ve only used the chrome overspray technique two other times, on the painting "Jai", and the Black Card Drawing "Celestial".

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Andrew Thompson.