A J Thompson | Andrew Thompson, Rockhampton Australia

Pristine in Crimson ~ an original black-card drawing by A J Thompson, Rockhampton AU

Pristine in Crimson, a black-card drawing by Andrew Thompson

Date: 20 March 1998
Style: Black Card Art
Size: 22cm x 30cm
Series: Grass Roots
Setting: Fantasy

"Pristine in Crimson" shares similar themes to "Whisper", in that it is about a woman's inability to move on after a failed relationship. In this piece, the girl fondly regards the crumbling statues that represent her relationship, but she is blind to the cracks in the columns that are evident to everyone else.

Her body and that of her lover are nailed to the columns, while she regards them in the third person, freezing her pristine vision of the past in time, and trapping it. Aware of her fragile state of mind, he lets himself be trapped with her while she finds her way, but in the background looms the ever present crimson drape – crimson for his anger because she won't let him go.

It is a very dark piece and very true of most failed relationships. The next scene of this drawing – note that I had intended many different options to follow – is "Leaving Hetero", which is the escape route I chose in the end.

Almost two decades later, I remain very fond of this piece, both for its artistry and for helping me express my helplessness.

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