A J Thompson | Andrew Thompson, Rockhampton Australia

Leaving Hetero ~ an original black-card drawing by A J Thompson, Rockhampton AU

Leaving Hetero, a black-card drawing by Andrew Thompson

Date: 12 April 1998
Style: Black Card Art
Size: 22cm x 30cm
Series: Celestial
Setting: Fantasy

"Leaving Hetero" follows on directly from the drawing "Pristine in Crimson". In "Leaving Hetero", the man finds a saviour to release him from the mind games and guilt; her 'pristine' vision of the past.

It is a slightly less dark piece and maybe a little heavy on gay iconography but I still enjoy it. A viewer has to bear in mind that the drawing was done while all of these emotional collisions were taking place, not in the comfortable land of hindsight.

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