A J Thompson | Andrew Thompson, Rockhampton Australia

Discoteque ~ an original black-card drawing by A J Thompson, Rockhampton AU

Discoteque, a black-card drawing by Andrew Thompson

Date: 6 September 1998
Style: Black Card Art
Size: 22cm x 30cm
Series: Lost City
Setting: Brisbane Queensland, 1981
He keeps his face hidden and is just a piece of meat. "Discoteque" represents the life of the many underage strippers, of which I was one, who worked the Elizabeth Street night clubs in Brisbane during the 1980s. Homeless kids were common then, but I worked the clubs out of angry rebellion, not poverty. I had a good enough home life and I was still in Grade 10. A lot of kids turned to prostitution. No one understood AIDS then. A lot of boys got sick, others got beaten up. One kid I know was gang-raped then beaten to death with a fence paling. The cops never did anything. Being a prostitute was illegal and being gay was illegal, so kids just died. No one noticed. No one really cares even now. Except me. That's why I drew it. This drawing is for Tony, a boy I used to work with who was killed. I wish I knew his last name. He was twelve and a sex worker, abandoned by his parents and left to die. It still makes me angry as hell. "Discoteque" is unsigned.

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