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Reiki originated in Japan in the late nineteenth century, and is a skill which is handed down from Master to pupil.

It has become one of the most popular spiritual healing modalities used in the western world today, and the secret to that success lies in it's simplicity.

To practice or receive Reiki requires no religious belief whatsoever - you can follow God or not, worship Buddha or not, believe in reincarnation or not.

All you have to believe in, is the energy that surrounds us. You don't have to try hard to know it's there - just close your eyes for a few seconds and you'll sense the energy within your own body, and all around you.

Different cultures call this energy Prana or Qi (Ch'i) or God, or even just refer to it as "nature", but irrespective, the energy is the same. The word Reiki, reflects this in simple terms: Rei translates to "All That Is", and Ki means "God Light Energy".

In scientific terms, it's the energy that binds us into this inexplicably complex machine called the human body.

On the surface, it's what gives us emotion and reasoning and personality, and on a molecular level, it's what instructs the chemicals in our bodies to interact with each other to form organs and muscles and neurons etc.

Reiki Healing involves the laying on of hands over certain points in the body called chakras, which is Sanskrit for 'wheel'. Through these chakra points, the healer acts as a conduit to balance the energy in the recipient's body, leaving their mind, body and spirit revitalised.

A recipient will never receive more energy than is needed, and that energy will be directed to the chakra points that require it the most. Therein lies the attraction to Reiki; it's simple, non-religious, and non-invasive.

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