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Penis Fallacies and Realities : Male Sexual Insecurity

Disspelling the Myths of Men's Sex & Sexuality

Erectile DysfunctionThere's a common fear amongst men when they enquire about coming in for a Brazilian Waxing treatment.

They're worried that the therapist will judge them, or worse, laugh at the ridiculously pitiful size of their appendage.

This is totally understandable. But please, don't fear that. Your therapist definitely will not judge you - at my stores at least.

We see boys' bits all day, every day.

In any case, we're only here to remove your hair, not give you a scorecard or rate you on a 'rootability' scale.

Wherever you go, if a therapist is comfortable talking about the subject, and they're not going to make you hold your own bits during treatment (dangerous), you'll be fine.

Just accept that you're going to get a treatment, then take you're mind to a happy place. Forget it, let it happen.

Sexual Insecurity

With all the hype about penis enlargements, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation, it's no wonder that guys today are the most sexually insecure that they have ever been.

I know when it started happening too. It was a slow insidious seeping of American culture way back in the late 80s - Baywatch etc - that led to the demise of the budgie smuggler. I'm not joking. In the old days, we were a lot more sexually self confident.

I've written a full article on this topic, Real Men Aren't Scared of Their Balls, which I suggest you read if you are sexually insecure (which you are if you're reading this page).

Moving on, in order to help younger guys (and all guys really) cut through the current wave of sexually repressive tele-hype, here are some quick facts that I've gleaned from years and years and years of removing hair from men's jiggly bits, and chattering away as I do so.

Penis Dimensions

Genital Behaviour


The vast majority of what you read on the subject of penis size, erectile dysfunction and so forth - written by supposed experts (they are always doctors or professors) - is hype. These people have something to sell. They want to make you feel bad about yourself so you pay good money to fix the often non-existent problem. Here is my collection of tips you might like to try.

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