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Male Brazilian Waxing - Preparing for a treatment

Preparing for your first Male Brazilian Wax

Your first Male Brazilian Wax treatment can seem daunting.

Men's Speedo Bikini WaxThat's totally understandable. Nine times out of ten, a first-timer will come in for a Brazilian Wax only after thinking about it for months or even years. If that sounds like you, don't panic. Countless thousands of men have faced exactly the same inner turmoil.

Assuming that you choose an experienced Male Brazilian Waxing therapist - note that I specified 'Male Brazilians' - your treatment should not be a huge feat of endurance.

Does a Brazilian Wax hurt? Sure. We are pulling hair out of your body. Does it have to hurt excessively? No, definitely not. Some men say that their first Brazilian Wax was nowhere near as bad as they expected, while others carry on like you're pulling a tooth.

But there's a pattern to the different responses, and here are the secrets to preparing for that first Male Brazilian Wax.

Physical preparation for your first Male Brazilian Wax

Mental preparation for your first Male Brazilian Wax

Some of the advice out there is so wrong it's scary. Let's deal with the bad advice first.

Men's G-string Bikini WaxOK, now for the good advice. Pay attention.

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