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Types of Massage

A J Thompson massage therapistNo other healing technique has survived the test of time like massage.

Long before anyone mixed herbs to form the first therapeutic elixir, someone else had eased another's aches and injuries with a soothing hand.

Before the rise of the Roman Empire, massage was already well established. It was used at the first Olympic Games of Ancient Greece, and before that in Babylonia, Egypt, Assyria and China.

During the ensuing millennia, and more particularly during the last hundred years, new forms of massage have been developed. However, the basic philosophy of massage remains the same, that is, the application of measured hand and body movements to ease physical, mental and spiritual pain.

In Australia, the prospect of finding a good massage is daunting. Just as daunting is finding someone who knows what they're doing, or who will provide the exact treatment you're looking for.

The problem with the massage industry is that every therapist who comes through their respective colleges believes that they are going to re-invent massage; that they have some take on things that no one has ever done before.

They're wrong, but that's the reason for all the different terms out there in the marketplace. Kahuna, Thai, Swedish, Remedial, Sensual, and so forth. There are dozens more.

The reality?  There are really only three types of massage. Sure, some have tweaks and twiddles, but essentially, each type of massage has one specific goal: relaxation, remedial, or sensual.

When arranging a massage, that's the way you need to look at it. Ask yourself, "What do I want this massage to achieve?"  Then go out and find someone to fill those specific needs. If the therapist blathers about when confronted with your questions, obviously their skills or mindset don't match your needs. Move on.

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