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Choosing the Right Massage Table

When choosing a table, be it for massage, beauty, or medical use, there are only three real factors to keep in mind: function, height, and price.

First, will you be doing mobile treatments (out-calls) or working from premises (in-calls)? If you're doing out-calls, you need to buy a table that is lightweight and uncomplicated. Mobile tables tend to get knocked around a bit as they're pulled in and out of cars, knocked against stairwells etc. They usually work hard and their lifespan is relatively short.

If you are the only Therapist using the table, you won't need expensive extras like adjustable legs. Nor will you need fancy face extensions etc, as they are only another piece of equipment you'll have to carry.

Put simply, you need a budget-priced portable rectangular table with a built-in face hole. These are available for around $300 from Healthequip, and some colleges have models with better padding for around the $700 mark.

If you're working from premises, you can then think about getting something less basic, like some of the models released by Firm'n'Fold and Athlegen.

These generally start from around $500 and continue up into the thousands depending on what features you want. If you're a student, most colleges give a discount on tables bought through them, and this also helps support your educational community.

Again, if you're working by yourself, you don't need the expense of adjustable legs, but if you're looking at expanding to employing other staff, this can be a great feature. Do your bank account a favour and forget about hydraulics and other fancy gadgets unless you really need them.

How to check that your table is the correct height: Stand beside the table. Keeping your arm straight and vertical, dorsi-flex your hand. Ideally, your palm should be resting on the table.

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