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Beware Wooden Hand Rollers

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An alarming number of injuries have been caused recently by practitioners who use wooden hand rollers.

Typically, these rollers consist of a handle and two or more wheels or balls mounted on a steel or wooden axle. Usually they are made in Asia, quite ornamental in design, and very cheap to buy.

While the gadget might look ideal for running down the erector spinae muscles or UB channel, the problem lies in it's construction.

On the wooden-axle type, the timber axles are too thin and tend to snap or shatter when too much pressure is applied.

On the steel-axle type, the axles are actually long double-ended nails, and the wheels fall off very easily, thus gouging the patient.

Not exactly the result the client is looking for.

Unfortunately, these devices are readily available at discount shops everywhere and no effort seems to have been made to withdraw them from sale.

From a Therapist's point of view, you're looking at a potential disaster if you use these devices, both for your client and for your business.

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