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I'll be honest upfront and say that Yeppoon is my least favourite part of the Capricorn Coast. I used to like it, and it does have potential, but it's lost its personality. In its quest to become a cut-price version of Noosa, which even the politicians say they want to emulate, Yeppoon's specialness - the unique charm that once made it such a nice place - is gone.

And the people in the street, many of the shop owners too - grumpy is the norm. The funny thing is that the rest of the Capricorn Coast doesn't give off the same black vibe. It's just Yeppoon.

And a heads-up for visitors; a golden rule: Don't mention Rockhampton. If you live in Yeppoon, you must hate Rockhampton. It's like some bizarre unwritten bylaw - It's such a weird, angry town.

Personally, if I was looking for a base to explore the coast for a couple of days, I'd head ten minutes north to Mercure Resort at Bangalee, or south to the town of Emu Park instead. Emu Park has surprisingly good facilities, the locals are lovely, and the town still retains the seaside charm it was famous for 125 years ago.

Yeppoon facilities

Yeppoon is the main town on the Capricorn Coast, with approximately 10,000 residents including the immediate surrounding localities.

Yeppoon's boundaries and population - I've seen it claimed as high as 25,000 - are 'blurry' depending on who is telling the story, especially if they are real estate agents trying to convince you of the town's 'huge growth rate' by including the population of the entire Capricorn Coast (oops), or local councillors attempting to re-convince locals that breaking away from Rockhampton Region really was a good idea.

Facility-wise, Yeppoon has pretty much all the shops you'd expect from a small coastal town, although all the major retailers are there in miniature form, e.g. a tiny Target and Big W, a tiddly BCF, and probably the smallest Bunnings store in the country. It's very cute and gives me a giggle every time I drive past it. Anyways, just accept that if you're staying on the coast for an extended period, you'll find yourself needing to travel to Rockhampton a fair bit.

Re beaches, nature and so on, the focus in the town area of Yeppoon is all about development. There are few public spaces except where the land is too difficult to build on. The park in the middle of town on James Street is a nice place to sit for a while, and probably the only piece of old Yeppoon that still remains. The front beach is average, but it is patrolled. There's also a children's playground water feature thing, so that's something. Nearly forgot, there's also a nice park for little kids opposite the sailing club, though it also seems to be a hangout for stray dogs, so keep your eye on the kiddies.

Cooee Bay and Farnborough Beach, though included in this page for convenience, at least temporarily, are quite pretty areas. The view from Wreck Point at Cooee Bay on a clear winter's day is magnificent, and driving onto the beach off the Mercure Resort Road opens up a whole new world of scenic wow.

But these aren't really part of Yeppoon. They're the outskirts, the fringing suburbs, and again I make the point that if you want to see the real beauty of the Capricorn Coast, head into Yeppoon, then turn north towards the Byfield rainforests or south towards Emu Park for some of the nicest beaches you'll ever see.

Accessing Yeppoon

Yeppoon is 40 kilometres east of Rockhampton City, and 20 kilometres north of Emu Park.

Photo Gallery: Cooee Bay ~ Yeppoon ~ Farnborough Beach

Yeppoon Bluff and Keppel Bay seen from Wreck Point
Looking north from Wreck Point
Cooee Bay to Yeppoon Bluff
Cooee Bay to Yeppoon Bluff
Ancient volcanic rocks on beach at Cooee Bay
Rocks at Cooee Bay
Ocean Drive at Cooee Bay
Ocean Drive at Cooee Bay
Looking across from Cooee Bay to Yeppoon Bluff and Farnborough Beach
Cooee Bay & Yeppoon
Boats at berth in Ross Creek Yeppoon
Ross Creek Yeppoon
Yeppoon Main Beach and The Bluff
Yeppoon Main Beach
Kayaking off Cooee Bay
Kayaking off Cooee Bay
Fisherman's Beach south of Ross Creek groyne
Fisherman's Beach, Cooee Bay
Fisherman's Beach, Cooee Bay
Fisherman's Beach & Ross Creek Groyne
Farnborough Beach South
Farnborough Beach South
Farnborough Beach South
Farnborough Beach South
Farnborough to Bangalee
Farnborough Beach looking north to Bangalee
Farnborough Beach
Farnborough Beach

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