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Hi and welcome.

What is this place? Yep, fair question, and to be honest, I really struggle writing these wanky attention-seeking intro pages, so I'll keep it as short as possible.

Briefly, this is just where I live on the web. It's a site I've been working on for nearly 20 years. I create here, I express opinions, I share knowledge, and I showcase all the stuff that fills my extremely random life. This site is a living thing, thousands of pages in size. It will keep growing and evolving until I die.

If you're unfamiliar with my output, I'm a prolific artist and creator, both in physical mediums such as paintings and fashion design, and digital mediums e.g. graphics, coding, and virtual worlds

Health, beauty and fitness by Andrew Thompson

I also write a lot. Short stories, novels, non-fiction, fiction, biology, computer scripts, blogs, history, philosophy, comedy, and general maniacal rants. I will write things that inform you, uplift you, upset you, and sometimes challenge your thoughts.

If you're a prudish type, your sensibilities will likely be offended. At work and at leisure, I am surrounded by nudity for 90% of the day, and despite us living in this hilariously uptight 'age of outrage', I don't really care who it bothers.

I enjoy the naked human form. We all have one, so I find no shame in the discussion or display of it. I explore it, discuss it, paint it, express it, and ignore it, depending on the context of the moment. Any nudity on the site is here for the sake of its artistic value, or its educational value, or its simple beauty, or by way of visually engaging a reader while reading a lengthy article, and it is here without apology.

Amal Nytrate, an Open Sim avatar by Andrew Thompson

I go by several names, not to be mysterious, but due to a long-ago failed attempt to compartmentalise my various lives, personas, and worlds. Alas, that was a complete balls-up. My worlds kept colliding, so eventually I gave up. All the personas on this site are aspects of me, some constant, some not.

The longterm effect however is that I am now established as each of those names, so it's practical to keep using them.

So, to put all my cards on the table - If we were to meet in the street, you would know me as Andrew Thompson. As a painter and writer, I am known simply as Xavier, and in virtual worlds, my avatar name is Xay Tomsen. So, if you see any of these names while you scurry about the site, they're all me.

Central Queensland Places & History

And let us leave it there. I promised brevity on the self-aggrandisement front, and thus I'll direct you to the list of links at the top of the page. They are pretty simple to navigate.

As there are so many sections of the site, especially in Virtual Worlds which is absolutely massive, I don't put links to everything on every page, but the Main Page button does appear on every single page. That link will bring you back here, and from this page you can navigate anywhere on the site.

So on that note, and before you begin your journey through this undoubtedly magnificent site, let me share with you the following pearl of wisdom.

If you too are a creative type, and you wish to earn the mantle of 'compulsive tortured artist' - to truly deserve it - you must perfect your craft using the following hallowed formula, which I call "The Eight Laws of Excess".

  1. Discover art to allay your yearning to expose the demons within;
  2. Expose the demons within;
  3. Use art to pull yourself to pieces in search of any demons you missed;
  4. Use art to gather interesting admirers and explore their demons too;
  5. Exhausted, wander aimlessly for a while to gain your strength;
  6. Strengthened, turn to a new medium to inspire optimism;
  7. Overly optimistic, realise how boring it is to be happy all the time;
  8. Bored without your demons, begin writing fiction and invent new ones.

Have a brilliant day,

Andrew Thompson.