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Hi and welcome.

So, what is this place? Fair question. Basically, the A J Thompson site is a repository for all the interests and fields that fill my extremely over-full yet oddly reclusive life.

I'm an artist, writer, mountain biker, gamer, coder, philosopher, amateur historian, and social analyst. I also own and operate a health and beauty clinic which pays the bills. Perhaps not surprisingly, I also have five YouTube channels. I love creating, exploring the human condition, and just generally learning and sharing. I have other sites that focus on specific subjects, and you'll see occasional links to them here and there, but this central site is the glue that binds them all together.

I've been adding content here since 1997, back when the internet was just starting to become a thing; when it took 12 hours to download Internet Explorer, and when people still read books, went to Blockbusters for a movie, took responsibility for themselves and their offspring, and had genuine discussions with each other.

No, I'm not some old nutter lamenting the past. I just mention the above because I do have life experience, both wonderful and harrowing. I can appreciate what we've lost as a society, and also celebrate what we've gained. I'm not a boomer or millenial, a pessimist or optimist, right wing or left. I'm from that lost generation, Gen X, a philosopher, realist and romantic, and I like to listen to both sides of a debate.

Have a look around. I hope you find something of interest here to pass a few minutes or hours.

Have a brilliant day,

Andrew Thompson (and Coffee the wonder dog),
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